Friday, September 2, 2011

Defined: Our Purpose

in·side out adv. 1. with the inner surface turned outward 2. as completely as possible; thoroughly, from every perspective.

synonyms: altogether, backwards and forwards, completely, comprehensively, entirely, fully, head over heels, in full measure, outright, through and through, totally, unconditionally, unreservedly.

I like that definition of “inside out.” But it also makes a very good definition of our purpose:
  1. To live unashamedly, with the inward transformation our hearts turned outward. Not hiding it, not dressing it up in pretty church clothes, just being it.
  2. To live for real for Christ: backwards and forwards, entirely, fully, totally, unconditionally, unreservedly, as completely as possible. On some days, as “completely as possible” may be not very completely at all. On some days it won't even look like living for Christ; it might look a lot more like living for yourself. And that is because... none of us are perfect. Or even close. While the whole imperfect thing can be somewhat tedious, it’s really ok... because that’s not our purpose anyway. Our purpose is to passionately pursue living for Christ as completely as possible, and to apply that purpose to every area of our lives, to our every perspective.
Being “inside-out” doesn’t mean you have to be one of those gushy people who pour out every detail of their hearts and lives to you in the first five minutes you meet them [thank goodness]. Being inside out just means that who you are with one group of friends is the same as who you are with a different group of friends. It means you don’t change what you believe or who you are for anyone else.

 It means, as difficult as it sometimes can be, there is no distinctive line between who you are in Christ and who you are in front of the world.

[With over 400 hits, including quite a few international views, yesterday was a pretty exciting day as InsideOut was officially launched! I hope each of you will continue to frequent these pages and participate in conversations through the comment section.] 


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