Friday, September 9, 2011

A Note to the Guys and the Grown-Ups :)

We’ve heard from some of you, surreptitiously perusing these pages… You've told us how you've enjoyed what you read and how cool you think this is.

And so we want to say, to any of you adults or guys who have happened upon this blog:

Although this is written primarily by teenage and 20-something girls, we’re thrilled for you to browse and follow and especially to comment sharing your thoughts, perspective, or wisdom on the issues we talk about. Honestly, we’d love to hear from you. So don’t be shy. And you don’t always have to be anonymous :)


  1. Sooooo I’m not the only dude secretly reading this lol? Good to know man up guys if you're out there and clicked into this I need company haha

    and look I'm not anonymous!!!!

  2. here's company for you :) way to go being first joseph. yeah, looking at this blog for the first time and it's really great, I like the whole idea of genuine Christianity. any other guys gonna be brave?

  3. I am a guy...and a grown up. Two strikes!!! So, I want to avoid being accused of cowardice and having a third strike.

    I love the blog, the message, the high quality writing and amazing graphic design. Very impressive.

  4. gyus reading a girls blog is lame ftr

  5. Not as lame as misspelling "guys" ftr haha. But seriously, I don't think it's lame for us to encourage our sisters in Christ and give them our perspective on different things. I would hope they would do the same for us. : )

  6. Amen Peter! I am neither a guy nor a grownup but I read this post anyway.