Friday, March 2, 2012

How Our (Future) Children View God - President or Best Friend?

{by Rebekah Kimminau}

A few months ago I was reading an article on teaching your children the catechism. It was talking about having your children from a young age start memorizing the catechism. (For those of you who don't know what a catechism is, it is a small book full of truth's about God, from the bible. Things such as: "Who is God's Son? Jesus." "Who created the world? God." "In how many days? 7.")

After reading the article I got to thinking about how I was hoping to have my (future) children someday do this. A few days ago, God brought the thoughts back into my mind. As I was pondering them, I had a great realization from God. I realized that there were two ways I could show God to my children. As if He was the President, or as if He was their best friend. 

When you get to thinking about it, the president does have a smilar role as God. He is there to lead and protect our nation, just as God is put in place to lead and protect us.  He sets up rules and laws for the betterment of the nation. Just as God set out laws in the bible for the betterment of us. 

But then you get to thinking, what does the president look like from a child's point of view. He looks like the guy who is way "up there". Though they know He exists, they also know they will probably never get a chance to meet him. He is the guy who's name they memorize is school along with what number president he is. So from their point of view, he is a guy who lives and breathes on the same planet as them (as well as lives in the same country), but has not much else to do with them.

Now let's see how a best friend is similar to God. A best friend (at least any of the one's I have had) would do just about anything to protect. They love you with passion, and are the people who are always available when you need them. (the president, on the other hand, may take a while for you to reach should you want to talk to him ;) A best friend is there for you because they LOVE you. Not because they are called by their "oath of office" to serve and protect you.

So which way do I want my (future) children to view God? As someone who they memorize facts about, or someone they can talk to anytime they would like. Defiantly, the latter. I believe teaching your (future) children from a young age that God is always going to be there for them, and always going to love them, no matter what, will give them a huge jump start in the relationship with Him. If when they think of God, they immediately think of someone that they can run to when troubles come, they can rely on when things around them fall apart, (just like I would say about my best friend) then they will have a wonderful start to their walk with the Lord.

p.s. This is not only wonderful ideas to teach your (future) children, but also great ideas to apply in your personal walk with God.

About Rebekah: I am a 17 year old girl who, strives everyday to live for the Lord. I don’t always live in Him, but I try. I have been home schooled all of my life, and I am an Air Force Brat. I have move 9 times in my life. I am the oldest of four, and I absolutely adore my family. I have had a passion for babies and children ever since I was little, and I spend most of my time babysitting. I currently live in the DC area.


  1. Beautiful Rebekah. This is very thought provoking.

  2. There is so much truth here; I love it!

  3. Bekah this is wonderful! I love the imagery you used here, and I hope you always keep writing! The world needs to be reminded of things like this :)