Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Beginning of a Story: Abram Moments

{by Beth Pedison Gibson}

I was driving home from a long day of work one fall evening.  I was single then and enjoying a comfortable life in Dallas.  I had fabulous family, church, friends, and job, all nearby. I had never considered leaving Texas...
While driving home that day, I decided to check my voicemail.   I listened in disbelief as I heard, “Beth, this is Andi.  I wondered if you’re still interested in our position at the White House, and if you would be able to meet with Mrs. Bush on Monday? Please call me.”  

I was so excited that I almost drove off the road.

First thing the next morning, I called Andi back.  I tried to say matter-of-factly:  “I would be free to come to the White House on Monday.” After a quick conversation, I made the arrangements with her assistant, who told me to be at the Northeast gate at 11:45 Monday morning.

When I arrived at the White House that Monday, I tried to catch the attention of the Secret Service agent in the guard stand.  I told him I was there for an interview and gave my name.  He checked his computer, and let me in.  After a long security process, the agent said, “Good luck on your job interview.  You can just walk up that way toward the East Wing and go on inside.”  

I looked ahead, and there was a portico that I had seen in countless pictures.  It all seemed so familiar, yet unreal.  I walked inside, and the agent at the front desk told me to wait in the First Ladies’ receiving room.  

I was surrounded by solid dark paneled walls covered with huge paintings of former first ladies.  I sat staring at those paintings for 30 minutes.   I prayed and took several deep breaths to slow my heart rate down.  I knew that many, many people back in Texas were praying for me at that moment, and I could feel their prayers.

Then suddenly, an assistant appeared.  Within seconds, I was walking into an office and standing in front of Laura Bush.   Three of her senior staffers stood around her.

Mrs. Bush was instantly warm and welcoming.  She had clearly read my background because she asked, “Do you still have family back in Marshall, Texas?”   

All I could think of to say was, “Um, yes, they’re still there.”  And then smile dumbly. 

We all sat down. I nervously perched on the edge of my chair, while Mrs. Bush sat back on a sofa next to me, and the others rounded out the circle.  Before I had put my purse down, Mrs. Bush said, “Well, Beth, why don’t you tell us more about yourself?”  

Times of Transition

So, dear readers, I’m Beth Pedison Gibson.   I’m honored to have the chance to share some of my journey with you over the next few months on this blog, and I hope to hear back from you about your stories and experiences.       

Today, I want to start our conversation about those pivotal moments in life that usher in major transitions.   They are often dramatic times, as Abram’s was when God called him to an unknown land. 

They can be happy, like the news you’ve just been accepted into a school or program, or that you’ve just gotten a new job, or even that someone wonderful wants to marry you.   These moments can also be sad – like the conversation that ends a relationship, tells you of a serious diagnosis, or that you’re losing a job.  

Regardless, you can know it’s an “Abram moment” when you realize that your life will probably never be the same again.   

I believe that God can mightily use those moments for His purposes and for our own good -- if we actively seek His guidance and are obedient to Him.

Abram was.  Genesis 12 tells us:  The Lord had said to Abram, 'Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you' ... So Abram went, as the Lord had told him.”

Because of Abram’s faith and obedience, God’s purposes were accomplished, and a great nation was born. 

On a much smaller note, I’ll share more of my own story next time, and what God had in store for me.     

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  1. You're opening is so dramatic, Mrs. Gibson, I can hardly believe it's real. It seems like it came out of a novel! I seriously can't wait to here the rest of the story.
    On another note though it's encouraging to know that God accomplishes His great purposes through us as long as we obey Him. We don't' have to be heroes or geniuses just instruments willing to obey and have "faith as small as a mustard seed."

  2. Great point samantha ! I love what you said --be faithful and obey what is right in front of you , today. We don't have to wait for the next big "thing" ,or event to do Gods will. In the tiny daily decisions .... obey in little to be entrusted with much !

  3. Wow, this sounds like the makings of a great story =) Can't wait to hear what comes next! Thank you for sharing with us, Mrs Gibson, what an honor for us to get to hear your story!!

  4. Now I can't wait to read the next part of your story! It's so exciting.
    And that is such a wonderful point. I know I have had a few of those in my life, I can't imagine where my life would be right now if I had decided not to obey. God has such a perfect plan! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Fantastically exciting. Thank you for sharing!