Thursday, October 13, 2011

Care For a Little Salt With That Light?

{by Samantha Roose}

This week we’ve been reading the book of Matthew as a family.  In chapter 5 Jesus says, “You are the salt of the earth…[and] you are the light of the world.”  But as humans how can we be salt and light?  That’s almost like saying you must be born again.   So, I started thinking; how can we be salt and light?  While pondering this interesting comparison I re-wrote Matthew 5:13-16 in my own words as if Jesus was actually speaking to me:

 “You are My salt of the earth, ______________.  But, if salt loses its saltiness how can it be salty again?  So, be careful to spend time with Me so that you never lose your saltiness.
Know also that you are My light to the world.  I have set you on a stand for others to see.  Therefore, be careful to spend time with Me so that you do not radiate the wrong life or light that would confuse others.  And, do not be afraid to let your light shine for it brings Me glory."
Matthew 5:13-16 (personalized)
But, my thoughts didn’t stop there.  I’ve continued pondering this comparison throughout the week and compiled more thoughts...

Salt enhances flavor and makes things taste good.  So, as Christians we should be enhancing the flavor around us.  And, light makes things more beautiful.  A photographer must have the perfect lighting for a photo or it isn't very pretty or defined.  As light, we need to make sure that we are the correct light so that we can beautify our surroundings and communicate a clear "picture." 

Light also makes things easier and shows the way to go. Therefore, we must not be afraid to let our light shine, because if we keep it covered we take the opportunity from others of seeing and experiencing our Savior.  And who are we to take such a gift or decide who gets to glimpse the gift so freely given yet purchased at so high a price?

Don't let your lights go down / Don't let your fire burn out / 'Cause somewhere, somebody needs a reason to believe / Why don't you rise up now? / Don't be afraid to stand out 
That's how the lost get found The lost get found  
- Britt Nicole


  1. that's awesome Sisi!!!!
    really thought provoking.
    I love the part about enhancing flavor and making things taste better.
    thanks so much!!!

  2. Very well said. The tough part is having enough belief in Jesus to be the light when you need to be the light, and not just trying to be the light when you want to...the switch always needs to be turned ON!

  3. Thanks Bethy.
    Definitely, our light ALWAYS needs to be turned ON, even when it's uncomfortable or scary! Thank you for pointing that out.

  4. Exelent post!! Being a shutter this makes a lot of sense to me. Won't let Satan blow it out.
    I'm gonna let it shine, let it shine. :)

    Signed a Brother in the Lord
    Adam A.

  5. Thanks! We can't EVER let Satan blow it out and it's when Satan starts blowing harder that we have to start shining brighter. If Satan doesn't want us to shine there's definitely someone that needs to see it!

    "Let it shine 'til Jesus comes, I'm gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!"

  6. Hey Samantha! Great really express God's "be salt and light" command in a beautiful way--very meaningful and, as Bethy said, thought-provoking. Don't stop illuminating your world! <3

  7. Brielle, thank you so much for your encouragement!

  8. Such a wonderful post Samantha! It really made me think. And I really love the part where you wrote out the verse in your own words. Sometimes that can make use see it in a whole different light!