Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why I Want a Big Family

{by Rebekah Kimminau}

It’s Christmas time. All of my family has gathered around one table to sit down and have a meal. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. We are all quite close together, pushing each other’s elbows with each bite of ham and marshmallow topped sweet potatoes. But despite the close quarters, as I look around, I see smiles on each and every person’s face. We laugh, we share stories from the past year, we tell jokes. I observe all of this,  and my mind wanders to some distance land far down the road of life, when I will have a family of my own. And we will all be gathered around our own dining room table sharing the stories and laughter. And I think about having a table full of children, 6, 8, 10, maybe even a dozen. And I smile.

I have always loved children. Ever since I can remember I would stand by a mom for hours just waiting to hold her baby. When I was 10 I would tell people that I wanted a big family. When they asked how many kids, I liked to say 23. That always got quite the look.  And though back then I was young, and didn’t understand a lot of things about life, essentially my dream hasn’t changed.

I have gotten the chance to spend time in many people’s houses that have big families. I remember one particular time I was staying with a family that had 11 kids. They also had another family of 8 staying with them. There were 21 people total in their house. Now just the thought of that many people under one roof would make some people cringe. But me? I was in heaven. And to this day I look back at the time spent with them and wish I could go back. And yes, at times the house was crazy with children running everywhere, and preparing meals did take some effort, but it was fun. No, let me take that back. It was a blast. Have you ever had 5 teenage girls standing around kitchen preparing strawberry shortcake for 23 people? It’s quite loud, and filled with giggles. Or had family worship with 23 voices singing from age 1-40? It’s amazing. Each and every experience I have with a large family makes me want one more.
I do know that having a large family is not all fun and games. There is lots of work involved. Making sure you are caring for each and every child’s emotional and spiritual needs is a 24-hour, 7 days a week task. Not to mention laundry, cooking, cleaning and home schooling. But each and every thing you do in going to involve work, whether you have 2 or 20 children. Work is a part of life. Laundry for 20 people might just take some creativity. (Not to mention many hands makes for light work!) :)

One great benefit to have a large family is that children are never without a playmate. And laughter is a very common back-ground sound. And your car is always full of voices singing along to the radio. And though when you arrive somewhere you always get the question “is this a school?” I know it’s worth it. And hopefully someday I can tell you that from first hand experience.

 Because that is what I dream of. I dream of being a mama with a full house and a full heart. And as I come back to the present, and laugh and joke some more with the family I have sitting around the table at this moment, I am thankful for all God has given me. I have been blessed. And maybe someday, God will bless me even more with a full table of my own.

This has become one of my favorite sayings:
'You never regret the children you do have, only the ones you don't.'
rebekah with sweet children she has nannied for 2 years

About Rebekah: I am a 17 year old girl who, strives everyday to live for the Lord. I don’t always live in Him, but I try. I have been home schooled all of my life, and I am an Air Force Brat. I have move 9 times in my life. I am the oldest of four, and I absolutely adore my family. I have had a passion for babies and children ever since I was little, and I spend most of my time babysitting. I currently live in the DC area.

Photography Credit: Rebekah Kimminau


  1. Question: did you grow up in a big family or is this something you've come to decide by yourself?

    Also, LOVE the pics- cute, cute, cute =)

  2. Thanks Adam.

    Rachel, I have grown up as the oldest of four children. Some people would call that large, but it is't not really in my mind. It's more of something I come to desire from experience with other large families. -Thanks!

  3. As one of five, I really enjoyed this article! Big families are such a blessing--and, sadly, so underappreciated in our world today.

  4. thanks so much for the awesome post Rebekah. I definitely love big families too they are so much more fun!!!! :D