Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In Need of Inspiration Or Help, My Whipped Cream is Melting!

{by Hailey Sadler}

"I'm doing well, thank you," I answer, and proceed into my little spiel about the courses and classes and the other activities I'm doing. But secretly I'm thinking about the whipped cream which is melting in my snickers latte. Melting. I don't like it melted. 

Or it's when the lady at the checkout counter wants to engage in conversation [mainly along the line of "are you sisters?" and "oh, your poor dad..."]. I smile and repeat my usual responses, while my mind has wandered onto the next thing; I'm eager to grab my bag and be out the door. Then sometimes it hits me. Whoa, girl, you have seriously lost sight of the bigger pictureLet the whipped cream melt and invest in the conversation. Let the bag wait and engage for a moment. 

On those days, I desperately need something to remind me of the bigger picture. Of what is true. Of what I am here for. 
[Hint: it is not to drink the perfect latte. I don't think.]

So in case you're there, or to make you pause and think before you get there, here is a little truth for today. Because sometimes things that are so true can be put into just a few words or expressed in a picture. Here are a few words turned pure, random inspiration... 


  1. I love this, Hailey! Especially the quote about the devil--that made me laugh so hard! :D

  2. Very cool post....one thought I would add:

    We take ourselves far too seriously, it is best to laugh more often - especially at your 'self'- and to constantly remind ourselves that joy (as distinguished from pleasure)is our true purpose. Joy in our hearts delights God. For me.....seems like joy happens more the less I think about me.

  3. Thanks, Rachel. Haha, that was my favorite one too!! :)

    And I definitely agree: true, beyond-the-reach-of-circumstances joy happens more often when we focus on bringing joy to others than finding it for ourselves.

  4. I loved this post, sooo true! It is so important to slow down and enjoy the moment and i loved the inspirational quotes. My new goal is to have the devil say that about me every morning :D

    Thanks for inspiring me on my journey - this blog is truly a Godsend.

  5. Thanks Ellie and Anonymous :) Glad you enjoyed.

  6. Loved all the amazing quotes!